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Who is eligible for beLAB2122 funding?

Any PI employed at a Partner University/Institution may apply to beLAB2122. Any post-doc who is contracted to be employed by the University/Institution for at least the expected duration of a funded project may also apply with a letter of support from a PI. If in doubt, please contact the local technology transfer office (TTO) or the Expert in Residence (EIR).

What is the remit of the EIR?

The EIR is intended to be a valuable resource for academics wishing to consult a drug discovery expert on how to best shape and plan projects as well as provide initial feedback as to the suitability of the project idea for beLAB2122. The remit of the EIR is to add value across the Academic Institutions’ drug discovery activities, to help identify and position new applications and to work in a highly integrated fashion with the academic organisation as well as other beLAB2122 stakeholders to ensure the smooth conduct of the partnership.

As an applicant, what can I expect in terms of support?

Applicants benefit from financial support for funded projects and from the combined technical expertise and physical resources of the beLAB2122 partners in building and implementing early-stage drug discovery and development programmes. Should successful programmes be selected for further development and inclusion in a future spinout, then the beLAB2122 management team, along with the respective TTO, aim to provide strategic guidance and governance in preparation of the commercial and scientific plan.

What happens if the concept for the application has been generated in partnership with external collaborators?

This does not necessarily preclude an application to beLAB2122, but applicants should work with the local TTO who, prior to submission of the proposal for consideration, will perform a full due diligence that will be performed to ensure that an application does not conflict with any 3rd party rights.

Can the award be spent in the university e.g. to fund post-docs doing research in my lab or to access university resources in other institutes?

It is expected that the majority of funded projects will be undertaken at Evotec’s facilities, but project funding ultimately aims to recognize the expertise and unique capabilities of the applicant in order to build on synergies while avoiding redundancies and thus applications will be funded under which some or all of the work could be undertaken in the Academic Institution. Please note that Academic Institution work will be costed by your department at industrial FEC (Full Economic Costing) rates.

What happens if I want to apply but have already received proof-of-concept funding?

Prior receipt of proof-of-concept funding from external sources does not preclude an application, but such funding should be disclosed in an application and discussed with the local TTO to ensure eligibility.

Can I discuss confidential information with beLAB2122?

All beLAB2122partners, including the Expert in Residence, are under a duty of confidentiality regarding information disclosed to them in the course of the partnership. However, information should not be disclosed to beLAB2122 which is subject to a duty of confidentiality to a 3rd party; for example, where research results have been generated from a project with a commercial sponsor. If in doubt, researchers should first check with their local TTO.

Where will funded projects be undertaken?

It is expected that the projects will be undertaken in line with the project proposal at Evotec and/or in the labs of the academic, wherever most appropriate.

How will funded projects be managed and monitored?

For each awarded project, a dedicated project manager at Evotec will be appointed to work closely with the PI during the lifetime of the project. In addition, the PI will be responsible for providing updates on the project to a Project Commitee meeting, drawn together from representatives of the respective university/institution and the industry partners, upon request as well as raising any potential issues to the EIR or the Project Commitee meeting. At the completion of each project a full report, using a standard beLAB2122 template, is to be provided by the PI. Any transitions to a next phase dependent upon reaching predefined milestones will be made and communicated by the JSC.

The beLAB2122 Project Committee meeting and EIR will monitor progress and make go/no-go decisions should awards be tranched.

What will my role be in the work funded by a beLAB2122 award?

The applicant is expected to champion the project and will play an active role in guiding and managing the project.

Will beLAB2122 support the development of new platform technologies?

Yes, if platform technologies have the primary purpose of generating new therapies.

What activities are out of scope for beLAB2122 support?

beLAB2122 will not support clinical projects. It is not intended to provide funding for academics’ salaries over an extended period of time. beLAB2122 will not support basic research.