About beLAB2122

beLAB2122 is a new multi-year partnership between some of the leading academic institutions of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region, Evotec and BMS to identify exciting and novel disease modifying therapeutic targets and platforms with the goal to develop these to new spinout companies. The name beLAB2122 refers to the Rhine, Main, and Neckar rivers, which connect the member institutions with one another and which total to 2,122 kilometres in length.

The partnership combines the respective strengths of:

  • Innovative academic life sciences and biomedical research from institutions with a track record in building and commercialising IP
  • Evotec – a drug discovery and development company with an international track record of academic BRIDGE collaborations across the globe and a growing portfolio of equity investments
  • BMS (Bristol Myers Squibb), one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with a demonstrated track record in innovation and creative partnerships
About Us
About Us
About Us

beLAB2122 will provide funding, technology platforms and mentoring to achieve pre-clinical proof of concept for academic ground-breaking therapeutics and technologies. Projects will be sourced from across the research activities of each research institution, from any disease area and will include all therapeutic modalities.

To streamline and guide the selection and approval process, a drug discovery Expert in Residence (EIR) from Evotec will be closely collaborating with the institutions. The EIR will provide advice and guidance to academics with relevant projects and develop the necessary work plan and commercialisation strategy. Project funding will depend on the envisaged work-plan and can amount to up to USD 1.5 m (amount will be converted to EUR at current exchange rate).

At the conclusion of the beLAB2122 funding, for selected projects, the beLAB2122 team will help develop the subsequent business case, build and identify the next value inflexion point and work with you to raise the necessary financing and team to create the spinout to commercialize the results generated by the funded project.