IP and Commercialisation

beLAB2122 has been established to fuel the creation of new spinout companies based on innovative science, and this will be the preferred route to commercialise the outputs from funded projects. Spinouts based on the results of beLAB2122 awards will be established based on an equity and IP license framework agreed by the partners, applicable across all participating academic institutions.

Applicants should work with their technology transfer office to identify any relevant background intellectual property controlled by the academic institution that would form part of a package of IP to be licensed to a spinout, based on results of a beLAB2122 funded project. It is expected that, subject to any 3rd party rights, Background IP will be included in any such package, as far is it is needed to enable exploitation of arising IP from the project.

Where a new spinout company is formed based on beLAB2122 results, the academic institutions will benefit from founding equity and/or a share of revenues generated under the IP licence.